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the honest youth

IMy name is George, I started TheHonestYouth in 2015 with some simple t-shirt designs and the dream to eventually fund and create my music venue. 2 years later in 2017, I bought and converted an old Bailey ranger caravan into an all in one mobile festivals stage. We launched the stage in the summer of 2018 with some good last-minute bookings and my passion for this project just grew. 2019 I took the year to travel and explore warmer places to extend my outdoor season with the plan to start back up again in 2020 (I think we all know what happened then). I haven’t stopped there though I created a new louder more portable stage and finally my most recent venture turning my experience with live sound and recorded music sessions into a mobile recording studio. My most exciting project yet where I just get to focus on the music. I can bring the studio to you. Somewhere more inspiring than the windowless stuffy studios and rehearsal room we are all so used to. We can set you up in the garage, garden, your living room even in the pub if you like. I aim to keep putting out music whether it’s live on a summer day or recorded in your parent's front room in December.

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